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Production of spiral ropes, stranded ropes and swaged ropes - In.Tra.Flex S.p.A. Oggiono, Lecco

Ropes and cables

The simplest cables are the strands, made up of several wires helically wound with one or more layers. The strands are the basis for making complex ropesRopes and strands can be swaged to offer greater mechanical and wear resistance and ensure greater smoothness inside the casings.

Production of flat-wire cables with stainless steel - In.Tra.Flex S.p.A. Oggiono, Lecco

Flat-wire cables

Flat wire cables are ropes wound with a flat wire, typically in stainless steel. The ropes, built with the most varied constructions, have different stiffnesses, resistance to fatigue and wear. The flat wire coating gives resistance to corrosion and abrasion, smoothness in the casings and tighter tolerances.

Production of helically wound cables - In.Tra.Flex S.p.A. Oggiono, Lecco

Helically wound cables

Helically wound cables are ropes with a wire wound around them. These cables are typically used in conjunction with gears inside casings or guides for remote controls. In addition, these cables can be heat treated to give better wear resistance and increase their flexibility.

Production of coated cables with thermoplastic materials - In.Tra.Flex S.p.A. Oggiono, Lecco

Coated cables

All cables can be coated with thermoplastic materials and are used for the most varied uses. The plastic coating improves resistance to atmospheric agents and gives greater smoothness. These cables can also be used inside the casings for push-pull controls.

 Production of liners with resins HDPE, POM, PAs, PBT e PTFE - In.Tra.Flex S.p.A. Oggiono, Lecco


In.Tra.Flex produces a wide range of plastic liners. The choice of resin is based on the temperatures of use and the coefficient of friction. The resins used are HDPE, POM, PAs and PBTNew technopolymers with higher thermal resistance and low coefficient of friction are being developed to meet the various needs.

Production of casings for ropes and cables - In.Tra.Flex S.p.A. Oggiono, Lecco


The casings are elements in which a wire, a rope or a cable slides. They are made with an inner liner in plastic material with a low friction coefficient. The armouring with hardened or galvanized steel wires or with a metal spiral acts as a structural element and assure flexibility.