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In.Tra.Flex  SpA  is a 60 years experienced manufacturing metal cables company. 
Founded in 1943 by Mario Spreafico with the name “Ditta Mario Spreafico”, the first business activity of the company was the production of spiral for conduits, springs for general purpose,  and dealer of wire ropes. After a couple of years, the company ha started the production of wire ropes, that early become the core business of the company.

The 50's and 60's: the economic boom and the fast success.

Thanks to the relationship with local market, the company enjoyed an authentic boom in the 50's and 60's. The early 60's were the forerunners of great success: a complete range of ropes was launched.

The 70's and 80’s: the consolidation.

In the meantime the management of the company was entrusted to Mario's sons, Engineers Carlo and Mariano Spreafico, and the company took the current name. The managment introduced modern and new technology as well as modernizing the logical course of operations, which included the layout of the factory.

The  90's: innovation and internationalization.

A change in strategy took place at the end of the 80's: the decision to invest in the development of special and  high-performance products.
The internationalization at that point marked the complete development of the company.

XXI Century: the present and the future.

The Company is ready to face the new millenium by following the direction of innovation and internationalization, complying all the requirements of our customers.